My Favourite Plant: Bush on Fire Croton

сroton picture

I have many crotons at home. I don’t exactly know why I love them so much. They are great and magnificent. I like to present some of them to my friends. When I do this I always give them advice how to care for these plants.

Crotons belong to the plants of the euphorbiaceae family also known as spurge family. This genus of plants involves some of the finest adornment leaved plants in cultivation. There are many species which are not only good-looking in the extraordinary shape of leaves but also in their color. They are widely used in croton cultivation.

So, as I said previously, there are lots of crotons in my house. I must admit that among all those various species my favourite plant is bush on fire croton. It grows fast. The color of its leaves includes pink, yellow, green, red, copper, ivory, orange and brown, which can be distributed over the entire leaf or pricked out as spots, veining, blotches or other patterns. This croton looks showy and sumptuous. So when I have guests, they always pay attention to it, and that brings me a lot of delight.