Removing Dracaena Brown Leaf Tips

Dracaena Brown Leaf

When I faced the problem of brown dracaena leaves, I though there was no treatment to save my favorite plant. Fortunately, I was wrong. Removing drooping leaves and brown leaf tips is the task anyone can cope with.

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I was really surprised to find out that these plants require just little pruning in order to remain healthy. Besides, proper removal helps to recuperar dracaena (recover it).

Firstly, I remove individual leaves at base, pulling them very gently, because many leaves come off on their own. When trimming the tips, use clean shears. After I notice brown tips, I usually cut them off, leaving the healthy foliage.

When the entire leaf turns brown, I cut off the stalk below the dead part. One of my friends told that almost all the leaves of her favorite plant turned brown, but she wasn’t sure whether dracaena was still alive. If you face the same problem, repotting may be your way out: if the plant’s completely dead, it separates from roots and can be easily pulled from the soil. I hope, my experience will be useful for you.