Revision of the Genus Aglaonema: Varieties of Plants

revision of the genus Aglaonema

When it comes to revision of the genus Aglaonema, this plant is a genus of about forty species of hardy green plants in the family Araceae, native to the tropical rainforests and swamps of southeastern Asia. The reason why this group of foliage plants is so important is as simple as that – they can withstand interior growing conditions better than other plants. The leaves of these herbaceous perennial plants are alternate on the stems with dark to medium green color depending on the species.

Silver Queen is one of the most popular varieties of this plant. You can find it in most garden centers, and nurseries that carry indoor foliage. The origin of this widely-grown hybrid dates back almost forty years ago.

Silver Bay is another “wow” plant with a little-more-oval-in-shape leaves that can be 5 inches in width. More growers have begun to produce this plant as it has a really great look.