Saving Yucca

yucca yard

A few days ago saving yucca of my sister-in-law became the most important matter for me. My relative went to visit her friends for a couple of weeks and asked me to take care of her yucca. She told me it’s easy to maintain and that I don’t even have to worry about watering it often. She gave me special liquid to spray the plant with and told me that the frequency could be once every 3 days. I was really glad to know this species could survive almost anything, it just required a lot of light. The thing is that I’m not really good in taking care of plants: none of them remained alive in my house. No wonder, I worried a bit.

So I took the plant. We went somewhere for the weekend and I made a huge mistake turning the heater in our apartment off. When we came back I saw that the plant was hardly alive. No doubt, I wanted to save it. Here came the next huge mistake I made. I put the plant on the heater and switched it on maximum. After my “salvage operations” the leaves looked dead, most of those remained turned yellow. I realized that I can do no more harm to the poor plant. I looked through a yucca care guide to find out what can be done to remedy the situation. I understood that there are a lot of yucca varieties. According to the description, mine was yucca gloriosa. The text read that if you ever freeze the plant, saving yucca should be done by placing the whole pot in a bucket full of water and letting it soak for several hours.

I did it and had let the soil dry out before I watered it again. It seemed to help and hopefully I will be able to revive the plant and won’t disappoint my sister-in-law.