Several Tips on How to Rejuvenate Ficus Benjamina

ficus benjamina plant

Ficus is a relatively low maintenance tree, though it is very sensitive. It loves sun and heat, and hates relocation. The plant is very attractive, but notorious for exceedingly invasive roots that can rich big depth and length. However, a weeping fig can gladden you with edible berries and beautiful glossy leaves.

Once in a while the tree requires special care. It may look unhealthy, have substantial leaf loss, or even become entirely bare.

Here are some tips on how to rejuvenate Ficus benjamina:

1) Make sure that you’re not overwatering/underwatering your plant and it gets enough heat and light.
2) Remove any dead leaves or branches.
3) Do light pruning throughout a year, and heavy pruning in fall or spring.
4) Replant the tree into a larger pot to make ficus benjamina growing space wider.
5) Fertilize it once per month from spring to autumn.