5 Arts Similar to Growing a Bonsai Tree You Didn’t Know About

growing bonsai

There exist forms of art all over the world which are closely related to the Japanese gardening tradition of cultivating a bonsai tree. Among them are:

Penjing, a Chinese old and original form of depicting landscapes, trees and other plants in miniature. This art falls into three categories: it can focus on rocks to recreate hills, mountains, cliffs (shanshui penjing); trees and other plants to remind of their original specimen (shumu penjing); or on a combination of two abovementioned styles which results in portraying the landscape in detail (shuihan penjing).

Saikei (“planted landscape”), a newer Japanese version of penjing. It includes rocks, underdeveloped trees (which can become independently potted bonsai one day) and related vegetation.

Hòn non bô , Vietnamese art aimed at imitating the island landscape, mountains and surrounding environment. The miniature is created with rocks, plants and water.

Mai-dăt, aThai composition. It is more angular and symbolic and is related to stylized dancers' poses.
Shohin and Mame, art which is quite similar to bonsai. The difference is the size of the plant (about 10’’tall or even less), care guidelines and the number of details depicted by the tree (the amount decreases as the height of the tree becomes less).

yellow bonsai care