Being a Successful Gardener: Bonsai Tree Care Tips

bonsai care plant

There is a common delusion that the dwarf plant is much more delicate than other indoor plants and it’s pretty hard to care about it. However, some basic bonsai tree care tips concerning watering, repotting and fertilizing must be followed.

The frequency of watering depends on many factors: the size of the plant, its species, the climate of the place it grows at. So there is not a strict rule, for example, that you have to water it once a day or every other day. Get used to monitoring the soil every now and then and if it gets a little dry (not completely dry), water it thoroughly.

The plant should be fertilized regularly so that to replenish all the necessary nutrients. “Bonsai fertilizer” is a good idea but actually any fertilizer will do. To be on a safe side follow what is written on the package. Thus, you will prevent yourself from bringing harm to the species.

The environment where the specimen will live must be warm. So just find a spot where it will feel comfortable enough. Outdoor trees normally like much lower temperatures. The tree usually enjoys a sunny spot. So find a place where there is at least some direct sunlight.

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