Beware: Aglaonema is Poisonous to Pets

Plants from Araceae range are toxic to cats and dogs. All the toxicity is in the insoluble calcium oxalates. The substance of these aglaonema poisonous to pets crystals causes various reactions in pets if swallowed. An animal can start vomiting, experience swallowing difficulties and excessive drooling. Also, pets can undergo burning and inflammation of the maw, tongue and throat.

This plant should not kill. However, every organism isn't akin. You cannot anticipate your pet's reaction after gulping it. Thus, do shun any unpleasant moments and contact the vet or run to the veterinary clinic.

Try locating this evergreen delight at the unreachable elevation for your fosterling. The pet's living space has to be safe. Simply grow this plant at your office or at the room that your nursling does not peep into.