Clematis queen varieties


If you are not new to the species in question, then you have certainly heard people call clematis queen of all flowering vines. And it’s not just a coincidence that the species got such a name. This plant is extremely attractive with its colourful blossoms. Plus if there are any eyesores in your garden, this specimen will cover them easily.

There are numerous varieties of the plant. For instance, a climber with unusual tulip-shaped buds that further will open out into purple bell-shaped flowers with lilac edges is called clematis queen mother. If you have come across a double-flowering vine with creamy white blossoms, you should know that this is clematis arctic queen itself. Clematis plant snow queen is another variety which can be recognized by its white large blooms about 6"-8" in diameter each. The petals of this species are cupped with ruffled margins. It’s quite easy to care for this plant. To succeed with it, you have to comply with the guidelines on the planting, maintaining and pruning the species.