Gardenias and Sun Exposure: Provide 6 Hours of Direct Sunlight for Your Plant

gardenia garden

Wrinkling and yellowing of the leaves on bloomers is not only an eyesore but also an indicator that the plant requires amendments in your regular care routine. Care for gardenia suggests the right choice of soil, timely pruning and fertilization, as well as providing the right amount of sunshine the plant is going to receive daily.

Gardenias and Sun Exposure

Due to their original tropical habitat, Gardenias belong to sun-loving plants. For healthy foliage and abundant bloom they need no less than 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Insufficient sun exposure makes the leaves on Gardenias turn yellow and fall.
In the areas with dry climate, however, too much sun can cause damage and burn of Gardenia leaves. In this case the shrubs should be planted so that they stay part of the day in semi-shade.

To bloom abundantly Gardenias also have their temperature requirements. Buds do not form if daily temperature rises above 70 F and at night it's above 65 or below 60 F.