A Guide for Beginners: Starting a Bonsai Tree

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If you want to successfully grow an emblem of natural beauty, you should remember about several things before starting the process. First of all, choose the species that will be able to thrive in the climate it is supposed to be grown in. Some bonsai trees do not tolerate freezing temperatures whereas others require such weather conditions so that to enter the dormant state.

The next step you are to take is to determine whether you are going to keep it as an indoor plant or an outdoor one. The needs of indoor and outdoor trees differ. For example, the environment of a plant grown at home should be drier and there can be less light in comparison with the outdoor environment. There also exist species that grow well both indoors and outdoors provided they are taken proper care of.

Make sure that you have all the needed amenities before buying a plant. Keep in mind that larger species need more soil, water and sunlight. It’s also important to understand that large kinds will require more time invested (for instance, it takes more time to prune them).

Pots are of crucial importance. They must be large enough: the soil must cover the roots. There should be drainage holes on the bottom. Thus, you may prevent root rot.

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