Hibiscus Raspberry Rose: How to Plant Hibiscus Braided Trees

hibiscus flower

Planting large tropical hibiscus shrubs or tiny trees with multiple trunks braided together is a complex process that includes site requirements, proper watering, feeding and pruning of the plant. Taking care of hibiscus is easy if you know the drill. Let’s take, for example, Hibiscus Raspberry Rose, which can grow very large (180 cm tall and hundreds of 15 cm diameter raspberry red flowers).

In order for it to bloom well, it requires not only plenty of sunlight, but also a good soil base (rich in organic matter and humus) that drains well but doesn’t dry completely. Water it frequently in the first 2 months not letting the soil dry completely, and apply phosphorus-rich fertilizers (at the rate recommended for the size of your plant) to improve growth and bloom. It doesn’t require heavy pruning, though sometimes pruning may be useful for the plant’s health and better flowering. Planting hibiscus in a right way will result in its flowering in all the hot months of the year.