How to Cultivate Aglaonema: Your Efficient Guide

cultivate aglaonema

Want to purchase easy-to-care-for plant? Aglaonema is the best solution. It is known for its good longevity and dense appearance. The plant can be maintained at the lower light levels. Therefore, most people use it for home or office decoration. When it comes to cultivation, these plants have been cultivated, bred and hybridized into a huge array of cultivars.

So, how to cultivate aglaonema? The first rule to remember is keeping the plant warm and moist. Variegated varieties of Chinese evergreen require brighter light while darker green varieties can effectively grow in near shade. The second rule to remember – they really don’t like cold drafts. Remember, the warmer – the better.

Want to grow an appealing Chinese evergreen in a pot? Then well-drained potting soil is rule number three. Remember these plants are slow growing and need reppoting only every other year. The rooting of cuttings as well as division of basal shoots are the main methods of Chinese Evergreen propagation since tissue culture has not been successful with this genus.