How to cure a dying yucca

yucca spots

Yucca is a plant which is able to thrive even with little maintenance. However, it is susceptible to several diseases that can damage the plant. Also a “dying yucca” can be a result of over watering, insufficient light or fluctuating temperatures.

Yellowing of the leaves is one of the signs of a “dying yucca”. The foliage droops and dies off. The reason can be insufficient light. Troubleshooting the problem is rather simple – find such a spot for the plant where it will be in full sunlight.

This species is prone to different kinds of rot. So the soil for the plant should be a well drained one. If yucca looks dead, the roots turned brown and the leaves – yellow, reviving the plant won’t be so easy. The first step you need to take in such a situation is to remove all the rot by cutting the trunk. Then repot what is left with the sound roots into dry soil and let it recover.