How Much Water Does a Hibiscus Need? Find the Happy Medium

How Much Water Does a Hibiscus Need

Of course, general watering rules work with hibiscus as well as with other plants. Though hibiscus is a “water-lover”, remember: overwatering will cause problems as well as lack of water. Not only it leaches the nutrients from the soil (your plant may literary die of hunger even with due feeding), but also the root may rot because of it. The best time for watering is late afternoon or twilight.

Determining how much water does a hibiscus need may be really tricky. For example, Blue Hibiscus dies if its root run dries, but this plant needs full sun. So here you should be extremely careful, watering it in limited quantities but frequently. If you see yellow leaves, don’t panic: the plant is not ill, it just means that something is wrong. So just do some hibiscus pruning and change the watering scheme.