Key Help With Gardenia: How to Grow a Delightfully Scented Lovely White Bloomer?


Gardenias are a perfect choice for a garden. Here is some key information on help with gardenia, regardless of the form you are going to pick.

Gardenia Growing Tips

Plant Gardenias in acidic, well-drained soil in spring.
The shrubs enjoy full sun and bloom the best when located in well-lit areas.
Fertilization is performed three times a year - in January, June, and September with an acid-type fertilizer.
Pruning can be done in early October after the blooming period is over.

Looking for a perfect Gardenia that blooms a little bit later than other forms, pay attention to Aimee Yoshioka, native to Hawaii and brought to Florida in 1954. The large white roses of perfect shape, this Gardenia produces twice a year, can't leave anyone indifferent.