New Dracaena: My Pride and Affection

New Dracaena

It’s a very important day for me. Today I’m going to be busy with dracaena transplanting. I have examined a lot of different books and journals. I have had dracaena concinna for two years already. The habitat for it is terrestrial. They say it’s high time for transplanting as we should do it in spring once every two years.

I asked my friend to assist me, as she already had great experience in transplanting dracaena. Frankly speaking, exactly she gave me a piece of stalk of her own pretty plant. So Anna will help me with pleasure.

We have already made drainage in the pot as dracaena roots are usually located in the top layer of soil. By the way, its soil must be a mixture of heavy turf and ground sheet, rotted manure or greenhouse soil with addition of sand. You can also add some coal and brick crumb.

Anna has also given me a piece of good advice. I should change the top layer of soil if it is covered with white crust.

We have spent time greatly, and I have a new dracaena in addition.