A question about yucca care: “How to get rid of pests?”

yucca valida bugs

Yucca is generally considered to be a healthy plant. It is susceptible to infestations of several pests though. There is a question about yucca that people ask more frequently than others. It is connected with red bugs with grayish-black wings.

These insects are known as yucca bugs and have a scientific name – Haticotoma. They damage the plant by sucking its sap from the leaves which later on causes the yellowing of the foliage.

There arises a new question about yucca treatment: “How do I get rid of those little monsters?”. There are several ways to deal with them. You can apply insecticidal soap, for example. You should only spray the plant with it and then wash it off together with the pests. Also you can use horticultural oil. It kills insects by covering up their air holes so they start suffocating as a result. When using soap or oil, pay attention to the underside of the leaves as usually there are a lot of insects there. You can also apply chemicals.

All the mentioned methods will allow you to control the growth of your plant.