Tips on how to prune a yucca

yucca leaf

If there is no proper spacing in your garden anymore, it’s high time you did some pruning, This process may seem a drastic one, but it is a perfect way of controlling the height of the plant, getting rid of dead leaves and flower stocks and even propagating. If you have doubts how to prune a yucca, this article is for you.

There are several tips on how to prune a yucca. First of all, bear in mind that this species is a cane plant. That is why pruning in this case means cutting the trunk instead of branches and blooms like with other plants.

The best season to do it is early spring, right before the growing season.

Put a halfway mark on the trunk (you can also cut a bit higher), take any cutting device (a saw, a pair of loppers, etc.) and cut off the top leafy part of the trunk.

Repot the rooted section of the trunk and water it thoroughly. The pruning is done.