When Should an Aloe Be Repotted? Main Rules to Consider

There are many reasons of repotting aloe: the quality of the soil gets worse eventually and roots become larger. To crown it all, aloe diseases and pests can infect the plant when it suffers from lack of space. When should aloe be repotted? My friend Anita is a gardener with rich experience and 250 species of house plants. She always says that aloe is to be put into a large pot when its roots are so large that you can see only them in a small pot.

Anita also doesn't recommend to transplant it when the plant blooms or in the period of vegetation. The procedure of “relocating” your green friend is simple. Just plant aloe in a new pot and water it. Bear in mind that dry soil is good for this succulent, even better than wet as aloe originates from Africa – the continent with a hot climate and harsh nature conditions.