The Best Lighting for Aglaonema

 lighting for aglaonema

It can grow normally in shadowed premises. Thus, people buy this plant for homes or workplaces. However, it will feel comfortable on a casement sill. In particular, east and north facing casements are great locations for it.

This evergreen cutie will enjoy being under indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight is a taboo as it can destroy the leaves' beauty by scorching them. Moreover, extra sun will form not arch-like leaves, but stiffly and vertical.

The level of lighting at the pot location determines the watering times. In well-lit locations the soil will get drier sooner than at shadowed spots. Some of these exotic plants need either partial shade/full shade or partial sun. However, each houseplant is different. For example, evergreen “Red” endures low light. Yet, every premise has a corner with suitable lighting for aglaonema for this lovely piece of nature. Though, the lighter the variegation of the petal, the more light it will need.