What I Found Out While Buying Croton Aqueduct

сroton green

Last week I bought a beautiful plant in the nearest flower shop. It was croton aqueduct. The plant looked old. A shop assistant said that there are different varieties of crotons. I was interested and asked her a lot of questions.

I found out that crotons need regular moisture in summer and less in winter. They may decline if they get too wet in winter. Crotons should have enough light if you want them to bloom. Usually they bloom with clusters of tiny white flowers during active growth at any time.

I also asked about croton propagation and discovered that it is not hard to propagate them. What you should do is make a 3- to 6-inch tip cutting that has approximately three to five leaves. Then replace the bottom 2 leaves and place the cutting into an equally portioned mix of perlite and peat moss. The soil should be moist while the roots develop. It will take 4 weeks. Now I'm growing my croton and hope it will become big and beautiful.