Why are there white spots on yucca and what to do with them?

yucca picture

I noticed waxy, oval, white spots on yucca leaves once. I tried to rub them off and after I did that, the area where the spots used to be became lighter green. I was very worried about my plant. It was a present from my grandma and I tried my best to care for yucca so that it would be pretty and healthy.

I searched the Internet to find a yucca with the same symptoms when I came across a photo of a sick plant which looked exactly like mine: there were white spots on yucca. Under the picture there was an explanation of what could have caused them.

The text read that probably mealy bugs had attacked the plant. These large white soft-bodied insects suck juice from the plant. They attach themselves to the leaves and stems of the plant. That’s why when I removed them, the leaves became lighter green.

I scraped away all the white residue I could find. Then I mixed alcohol, dish soap and water and washed the entire plant with this mixture. a few days later I repeated this procedure.
Luckily, I could save my grandma’s present and now it is healthy again.