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    Here you will find publications about sale, exchange, gift plants and if you want to sell your plants or buy this section is for you! You can place yours ads free of charge!

Bonsai Tree For Sale
Bonsai Tree

When it comes to perfect house planting, there is nothing like nursery plants-trees & field-oriented wholesalers. Indeed, who knows each representative better than professional explorers of...

05/26/15 – 10:58

Gourmets and those who love flowers of saturated, vibrant colour and persistent smell will be glad to have clematis wildfire (which in Polish sounds like powojnik wildflower) in their collection...

09/23/14 – 15:30
phalaenopsis orchid air root
Phalaenopsis Orchid

Finding the right pot size for phaleonopsis orchid will contribute to the growth of the plant. The ideal pot is the one where the species is potted tightly and at the same...

07/22/14 – 18:00
yucca aloifolia

If you want to find growing tips on Yucca elephantipes (synonym – Yucca gigantea) in an old plant book, it is quite unlikely you will find this plant mentioned there. It has become a popular indoor...

07/22/14 – 15:59

All my relatives and friends say I’m crazy about plants. My nice garden and all rooms in my house definitely confirm this fact. It’s my hobby, my affection. But how amazed I was when I saw this...

08/28/12 – 12:47