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Even if you do not know about the hibiscus aka rosa-sinensis you must have seen it in your friends’ houses and offices before. The plant is extremely easy to look after when grown indoors but yet...

12/28/15 – 15:47

You have probably heard about the hibiscus tea or have noticed this tea on the shelves of your local supermarket.

Have you ever heard that it is just as good when served chilled? The...

12/18/15 – 17:33

You have probably heard about the drink but never paid much attention to it. So what is a hibiscus tea you’re wondering? Basically it is an herbal tisane made with the dried calyces.


12/15/15 – 14:04

The health benefits of the hibiscus tea are well known among the fans of natural medicine. This drink was known in Africa and Asia for the thousands of years and it was used as a medication. Some...

12/09/15 – 17:20
General Tips

Long before modern technology came along, gardeners and farmers during ancient times relied on other principles to guide their agricultural efforts. The lunar cycle was one of many important...

12/09/15 – 11:19

The hibiscus can be turned into a natural herbal infusion that is more famous among the healthy lifestyle followers as the hibiscus tea.

This beverage however is also famous in the USA...

12/03/15 – 14:17

Hibiscus tea is a wonderful tonic beverage of a rich ruby ​​color. It is made from hibiscus flowers which have powerful beneficial properties. Hibiscus...

12/02/15 – 15:06
How to Trim a Ficus Tree
Ficus Benjamina

Ficusses originated in humid tropical areas of the Northern Australia, Asia and the Pacific. They grow freely in the wild turning into real banyans, huge trees with multiple trunks...

09/15/15 – 14:40
Ficus Benjamina Exotica
Ficus Benjamina

Probably you have heard of the ficusses being really popular and amazing indoor plants and they are really good for the gardens. Bonsai them, use them as green fences; cultivate...

09/15/15 – 14:34
Ficus Leaves Turning Brown
Ficus Benjamina

Ficus benjamina is a tropical shrub used to lots of sunshine and humidity. Naturally growing for up to 50 ft tall this plant is extremely unpretentious. Growing it at home is very...

09/15/15 – 14:28