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    Amazing Croton Plant: 1 Life Story of Getting Acquainted with Vegetable Life, or 12 Secrets of Professional Stuff’s Growing Conditions & Care

    When I saw the tropical croton petra plant for the first time, I was amazed by a variety of its leaf types and colors. As a result, I could hardly resist getting my own croton plants at home. Why, it turned out they are easy for growing, propagation and cultivation. But there has been a big surprise for me: croton is most often met at South Sea island homes.

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    However, the only place for planting croton outdoors is warm Southern Florida, where I actually live. More so, the croton plant simply loves balance in everything. This tropical creature displays probably the best colors in cool, but not in freezing or hot locations. In addition, it truly demands much watering and good misting (of course, not to the developing of root rot, or completely dry soil).

    croton care
    Also, crotons like neither too bright nor too dim light, that is filtered sunlight. Finally, it’s impossible to avoid occasional pruning. In a word, my key to amazing friendship with croton is getting all of this right, due to the professional care instructions. In its turn, the plant thanks me every day by being an easy and extremely beautiful keeper.

    No doubt, the various types of croton can really get anyone hyped up. There are nearly 750! species of this plant in the world, because of their unique foliage. Besides, its leaves and flower are never a solid color.

    They usually feature one of those from pink and yellow to orange and purple, against that glossy green background. The plants located in shade have predominately green leaves. But the ones in full sun appear more colored patterns. Some croton leaves mimic oak tree leaves; the others are large and broad, or narrow and very narrow. More so, there are the varieties with even twisted leaves, or leaves curling.

    Can you imagine the plant leaf which curls back on itself? Search for croton images or pictures, and you’ll join the happy home owners, as well as enthusiastic plant community members!

    Croton Plant Peculiarities & Croton Growing Conditions To Always Remember about

    • How to plant croton? My close gardener, who has regularly bred crotons, ensures they can be planted on decks and patios. In cool temperatures, you can move the plants inside, or grow them in containers at home.

      By the way, I had a chance to see his colorful hedge in central Florida. Recently, this plant has been grown elsewhere like an indoor container plant, despite being tropical. However, remember that croton plants may rebel and start dropping the leaves if suffering from excess cold.

    • Aside from intolerance of bad weather, this plant is well-known for its white sap. According to my own experience, this takes place when the leaves are cut, punctured or generally damaged. The white sap flowing from them is considered a sort of negative, because of staining clothing and irritating the skin. Therefore, be cautious while pruning or transplanting the croton plant.

    • Not all of us know that crotons are toxic for pets and humans. Most of my friends’ kids have experienced serious concerns in these terms. However, don’t consider croton plants poisonous, as patience and care for croton work wonders in preventing those small inconveniences.

    croton planting

    Planting, Growing & Cutting Croton: The Basics from

    In my case, ‘how to grow a croton’ indoors started from some pruning process. The point is in maintaining a good shape and keeping the plant at wanted height. You should know that it generally reaches 8-12 feet. On the one hand, it’s perfect for a hotel lobby; on the other hand, it’s not so good for one’s living room in typical homes. So, how to prune a croton?

    Croton Seeds

    • Be sure, propagation is more than easy. Thus, take a root or stem cutting, and just place a leaf in potting soil. Soon, the roots will develop. The same is with the seeds.

    • Another effective way is layering. Cut away the new plant from the parent. When to transplant? You know, right after the new roots have already developed.

    Soil Requirements

    • As for the planting soil, it should be rather rich. It’ll be a good start if you take a mixture of compost and peat moss.

    • Our gardeners assume good drainage is a kind of initial caring for croton. Nevertheless, the soil requires retaining moisture. The plant won’t survive when you allow the soil to simply dry out. Frequent watering without soaking is to be the golden rule here.

    • Also, this plant requires regular feedings of acidic fertilizers. During the growing season, it is necessary to feed the plant more, but less in the winter months. This is one more basic tip how to care.

    Light for Leaves

    • Indoors, the best light will usually come from the windows which face East or West; this is a must.

    croton for newbies

    Croton Care: Common Solutions for Newbies

    Proper Light & Temperature Conditions

    As far as the croton plants are native to tropic climates, they do best in full and strong sunlight, even in dormant stage. Certainly, you should place them against the midday sun heat. Placing within 3-4 feet of a west/east window is ok to receive enough sunlight. Otherwise, the plant’s foliage will definitely lose its colorful pigment, turning to green tones, as all my colleagues state.

    In winter, you must move your crotons to some sunnier spots. Also, keep in mind that these are tender perennials, which do not tolerate temperature changes or drafts. Unfortunately, the beginners observe the leaf dropping then. Thus, better cooler than warmer.

    Good Watering plus Fertilizing

    Again due to its tropical origins, this plant needs enough moist and well-draining soil, but not overwatering or root rot developing. If you mist your croton 1-2 times a week, the humidity will keep high. During winter period, improper watering will cause soil oversaturating. Anyway, we recommend using lukewarm water.

    Speaking of fertilizers, they need to be well-balanced, 20-20-20 and every 2-3 weeks in growing months. When in dormant winter stage, fertilize the plant less, diluting the amount of feeding or extending the time between fertilizing (every 6-8 weeks).

    Be Aware of Diseases & Pests

    Do you know what the main pests attacking crotons are? Look, these are such problems as mealy bugs, caterpillars, spider mites or scale insects. To say goodbye to them once and for all, simply inspect both top and underneath leaves, while watering or misting your plant.

    Having discovered any pests, gently wash your croton with some mild soapy water solution. In addition, why not use a houseplant insecticide? But this is not the end, as poor croton plants are prone to root rots, stem galls and other bacterial/fungal infections.

    The high humidity and non-fertile soil are the common reasons for this. So, do not repeat my own mistakes and keep the soil damp (not saturated), and all the diseases will be easily avoided.

    Long live, your healthy, well-cared-for and exotic croton plant!

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