My Simple Steps on How to Fertilize Croton

Fertilize Croton

My husband presented me a lovely croton for my birthday. When I saw it I was really impressed. It had red, green, yellow and purple striated leaves. I liked the flower at first sight. Since then I have been looking after it as attentively as possible. Every time I have guests at home, they admire my croton too. So I like it to be nicer day after day. That’s why I devote much time to get more useful knowledge on how to fertilize croton. There are many fertilization requirements which I try to follow.

Croton transplanting is not a very difficult process, but we should do it correctly to prevent an unhealthy look of our favourite pets. At first, I fertilize the soil and then I certainly water the soil with 2 inches of water. It will help to dissolve the fertilizer. After it I wait for a while and repeat the fertilization in the same way. That’s it. I have a nice flower. But remember that I try not to overfertilize my croton in order to save its nice color.