Croton Revolutions: the Flower of My Dream

сroton leaves

I like various flowers, or it’s better to say that I am crazy about them. I always look for some new plants for my collection. Is not it wonderful to admire nice flowers in any season and weather? Last week I came across one pretty plant. I already have some croton plants, but I didn't recognized this type at first. My friend Lucy helped me very much. We found the classification in her book and I saw the scientific name of this lovely plant. Frankly speaking, as soon as I saw croton revolutions I decided to buy it.

Croton revolutions is popular because of its decorative curly leaves. It grows easily. I am so glad to have it at my home. Probably you will not believe, but the air becomes even fresher thanks to my new croton. I put it in a light place, so it has a very beautiful color. All my relatives and friends are also delighted with this lovely plant.