How to Root a Croton

Root a Croton

Once I was lying on the couch and suddenly an idea came to my mind. A good idea to have two wonderful crotons. I got up and started to implement it.

Rooting instruction. Croton’s growing conditions
- Crop or saw off a rod (7-10cm, can be 15cm) with sterilized scissors or knife (depending on the thickness and age of the croton trunk).
- Wash the cutting in warm water in order to get rid of latex.
- Treat the rod with chemicals.
- - Plant a small cutting into sterilized soil pressing down the ground.
- The pot should not be plastic. You can put the croton in a ceramic pot of a medium size.
- Spray it with appin, cover the croton with a jar and put it in a bright and warm place.
- Wipe the condensation. The rooting time is about a month or even more.
The main conditions of this process, in my opinion, are:
- a sunny, warm place (but not a hot one)
- always under the "hood" (otherwise, sag leaves may fall)
- leaves should not touch the "hood’s" walls