How to Keep a Good Look of Gold Dust Croton Plants for Years?

Gold Dust Croton

I have got many green plants at home. One of my favorite is a gold dust croton. It has got a special unique look of well-shaped leaves and its possible variety of colors may easily impress everybody. But it was a real challenge to grow croton seeds as a house plant because naturally it grows in the tropics as an evergreen plant.

I want to share two main pieces of advice I’ve got after learning so many various facts of treating it. Rule number one I made for myself is providing a croton with full sunlight for at least 5-6 hours a day, as it loves sun rays. The next rule is permanent watering of an indoor dust gold plant almost every day. When it’s summer outside and the weather is dry, you need to combine sunlight and watering. You’ll be for sure impressed with the results of its lasting look and a variety of colors which will show up.