How to Kill Spider Mites on Croton Plant?

сroton green pink leaves

I like plants as they refresh any environment and provide comfort to any room in the house. However, I don't have them as all plants require some care. And I don’t like this process. But once I had to save the plant which I had brought ruin on.

My boss had a croton in his office, which was one of the most favourite flowers of his. I had to take care of the plant. After a while I saw whitish spots on its leaves. Lots of leaves began to fall off. One of my colleagues suggested that the problem was in mite infestation. In such a way I had to learn a lot about croton pests. I found a thin web under the leaves and among them. That's why I had to learn how to deal with spider mites on a croton plant.

I called my friend and she gave me some advice on how to kill red spider mites.
Spider mites don’t progress in a humid atmosphere. So spray some water over croton leaves and put the plant in the place protected from direct sunlight.
Spider mites do not like cold. You may rinse the plant with cold water.
You can also wipe its leaves with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or soap.

I had to use all these tips. Fortunately, the infestation was not great. Therefore, I didn’t have to resort to the help of pesticides. I realized that my efforts were not in vain. That is how I managed to save that croton performing the above mentioned procedures, though the healing period lasted for one week.