Croton Sloppy Painter is a Breath of Fresh Air for Your Landscape

Croton sloppy painter

What I like the most about crotons is that these plants come in a variety of types and colors from green and yellow to purple-red. They can add any color to your garden.

The porch of my house is decorated with a croton sloppy painter. Quite a weird choice you may say. Well, this old Florida croton has long green leaves with bright yellow splatters. With the help of its wonderful multi-color glossy leaves you can add texture and unique style to any landscape. You may also know it under the name of Eleanor Roosevelt.

In the Internet you can easily find recommendations and photos to choose the most suitable among different types of croton. But mind, being native to the tropical climate, crotons are found outdoors only in zones with warm and mild weather. But don’t forget that crotons are wonderful house plants.