Keep Your Plant Healthy. Croton Turning Brown

Croton turning brown

I adore crotons for their year-round tropical beauty and multi-color foliage. But recently I've noticed my croton turning brown, and it has really put me into a flutter. I got to know that if we don’t take into account environmental aspects of ordinary сroton problems, fading and leaf loss can be added. But we all love these plants for a variety of colors and leaf shapes.

Being a tropical foliage plant, it still needs indirect bright lights and shade for keeping its nice colorful pigment and bright green color. My mistake was too much light, that’s why croton leaves turned brown. If your plant is growing in an open air with bright light, don’t forget to water it more, and if your croton plant is growing in deep shade, it needs less humidity. Having received some wind, draught and light protection, my croton plants became even more showy, bright and spectacular.