How Much Sunlight Do Croton Need?

Sunlight Do Croton

Crotons can be called flowering plants as they come in a great variety of bright and spectacular colors and ornaments. These nice and showy plants are distinguished by bright, large, tropical foliage, which pointing upwards can produce a multi-colorful starlike croton flower. Some people are really puzzled with a question how much sunlight do croton need. Nobody wants their beautiful and dramatic plant to fade away.

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As my own experience suggests, crotons prefer sunny locations with light shade and not too bright light. Too much shade can diminish leaf color saturation and brightness. But with too bright light croton leaves can become sunburnt and turn brown. My indoor plants tolerate 50-80% of shade, and as far as I know outdoor plants should be given even less. But I guess all depends on a chosen сroton type and its location.