How Can We Save Croton: My Way to Success

We Save Croton

Of course, everybody knows about croton diseases. But it seems to me that I have treated it in a proper way. That’s why I did not even expect my croton to become sick. I looked like a frightened child who saw the favourite toy was damaged. My best friend Ann said there were a lot of reasons for my croton to look sick. So as soon as Ann left my place, I started examining croton. Certainly I hoped to save my dear plant. The way to success is elementary. If you have these problems, you can do the same.

I looked for a better place for it without any draughts. Of course, I controlled the sunlight. Remember that this plant does not like too much sun. Then I thoroughly sprayed my croton.

And the most important that I remembered is if my croton looks sick, it means that I should change the conditions for its better growth. We must take care of our flowers constantly, and then they will be beautiful.