How to Treat Croton Californicus

сroton plant

Once my mother brought me a plant as a present. It happened to be croton californicus. I didn’t have a slightest idea what to do with it and how to treat it properly. But it turned out to be easy enough. I don’t own a warm greenhouse, so I am growing it at home. It looks like a round-shape shrub and I like its feature to get purple during the summer.

I’ve noticed that it likes filtered sun as it droops when there’s too much sunlight. Watering is very important when you care for croton. Well, you should water this plant only when it’s dry with 2-3 glasses of water. And always try to pay attention to the weather outside. It won’t grow too big or high. Its size is medium. I once had a problem and I thought I was losing my croton, but I watered it too much. So, I always combine watering and I use a fertilizer for better care. This plant has a unique look, and I want to keep it for years.