How to Choose Soil for Croton Plant?

Soil for Croton

Crotons are widespread home plants. Their leaves can have colors from pink to orange and sometimes even purple. If you decided to buy a croton, you should mind that it grows in the tropical climate. It came from South Sea Islands. Also you can meet this plant growing outdoors in Florida.

I've got croton for several years already. I'm going to suggest you how to take care of croton, relying on my experience. It looked sick despite the fact that it had enough sun and I watered it as much as needed. So I read a lot about these plants. The soil type is extremely important for the health of croton plants. Croton grows best in alkaline or acid soils.

If you experience the same problem, check the pH level. It must be below 5.5. Croton plants cannot grow in soil with high pH level. So I simply needed to change the soil to heal my plant, and you might need to change it too.