My Beautiful Flower: How I Was Interested in Croton Incanus

croton red

My neighbor loves flowers. She is interested in crotons cultivation. So, she has different varieties of these kinds of flowers. Last week I came to see her. And she showed me her incredibly beautiful collection of flowers.

As I have already mentioned, she has different kinds of crotons and they are all beautiful. But I paid attention to croton incanus. It had whitish, straight branches and all parts of this plant were covered with thick, short hairs.

I asked her many questions such as how to grow croton and what size it has. I admitted this croton was large. And she told me that the height of croton incanus varies from 3 to 6 feet. And its width can be from 3 to 5 feet. I also found out that this croton differs from other Croton species with its oblong leaves. Incanus grows in clay, sandy, gravelly soils and needs protection from strong sunbeams because it likes partial sun. I thanked her a lot for this useful information and also decided to grow this flower.