What I Did When My Croton Started Drying Up

сroton image

My husband adores plants. So I decided to give him a croton as a present, which I bought in the nearest flower shop. I chose croton because its leaves were different from the rest. They had an amazingly beautiful color. A friend of ours told us that a croton likes light, so we put the plant in a light place. You know, our flat is too sunny. So at first we were sure our croton will like that bright place.

In a month we admitted that croton leaves were deformed. Moreover, they were falling off. We watered the plant in a good way, so we couldn’t understand why croton start drying up. So my husband went to the shop where I bought it to ask what we can do. He got an answer and we saved our poor plant.

What we did? First, we began to remove dead and dry leaves of our croton, which allowed healthy leaves to receive more nutrients. Second, we placed it in another room, which was also bright, but there was no direct light. In such a way, we saved our plant and enjoy it every day!