Easy Way How to Trim a Croton

сroton in garden

My best friend and I decided to buy a croton plant and learn how to take care of it. Time has passed and we met again. When she saw my croton, she was surprised by its condition. It didn’t have any shape, and she explained that her croton was twice bigger and had more branches and a better shape. I was really impressed that the secret lies in trimming a plant.

Well, cutting croton is more effective when it’s spring. It’s very efficient to cut back new foliage on a stem. It’s important to get rid of excess branches. Trimming one-third of branches is the best proportion. I cut a croton with a knife. Information on how to trim a croton is actually available everywhere. It’s really useful and it works. I can notice amazing results at home. My croton looks more shaped and more attractive. Especially it’s noticeable during the pruning process.