The Most Important Questions on Croton

Questions on Croton

Croton is a tropical plant. People all over the world plant croton at home, because it’s really adorable. Of course, I have croton at my place too. But recently I haven’t had an idea how to look after it. Have you decided to buy a croton too? You must have the same questions on croton.

How to plant croton?
It was the first problem I faced. Then I realized that it’s not even a problem. You simply need to choose proper soil with a low pH level and that’s all.

Another important thing you need to remember is that its habitat is tropical climate. It will help you to choose the level of moisture and temperature it needs. Croton height is usually about 4 feet indoors. Of course, it grows taller in its habitat. It can reach 6 feet in height.

Right now mine is 2 feet and a half tall, so if you take care of your croton plant, it will be 3 or even 4.