Bonsai: 3 Easy Ways to Break the Dormancy: Scarification of Seeds

 Scarification of Bonsai Seeds

The nature took care of protecting the bonsai seeds. They are protected by a hard coat.

At the same time it’s difficult for water and air penetrate this coating, thus, germination can be inhibited.

Scarification is an artificial way of getting rid of the outer coat. It presupposes its scratching or cracking. In the wild scarification is done by animals.

They eat the seed and digest it.

Here are 3 easy ways you have to follow to hasten germination:

- you can soak the seed in a solution of sulfuric acid
- you can soak it in hot water or immerse it in boiling water for little time
- you can apply mechanical scarification

The latter one is done with something coarse – sandpaper or an iron filing, making nicks in the shell using a knife will also go. One has to be really careful while doing it as the seed can be damaged easily.

You can also leave the seed outdoors during a cold winter. The periods of interchanging cold and thawing will make it crack open. This process is generally known under the name of stratification.

 Break the Dormancy Bonsai