First Dracaena at Home. My Personal Experience

First Dracaena at Home

I’d like to share my experience about dracaena growing. I bought this plant two years ago. Now I’m happy to say that it is a real decoration of our apartment. If you have the first dracaena at home, don’t place it in the dark corner and avoid change in temperatures. The plant adores light. But don’t think that it can be placed under direct sun beams. They may cause scorched spots on leaves. You shouldn't also repeat my mistakes: transplant it when you see that dracaena needs it. I had thought that it could be done in spring only until I realized that my plant could die. If you see that roots try to come out of the pot, you should buy a bigger bowl or a pot immediately and transplant the dracaena. I recommend you not use soil rich in clay. Unfortunately, these plants die if they grow in such ground.

Another important thing is to moisturize air in the room. Use a common spray with water to do it.