How to Grow Healthy Dracaenas. My Granny’s Tips

Healthy Dracaenas

My granny is a real fan of exotic plants. She adores succulents and growers with big fantastic flowers. Of course, she spends much time on planting, trimming, transplanting, fertilizing and gathering seeds, but I should admit it is worth doing. She has given me some useful tips on dracaena care that can help to grow a healthy dracaena with wide green leaves. The most important thing is to choose the correct soil that should contain humus and peat.

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The second important thing is to fertilize the plant correctly and timely. If you won’t do it, you will see that the growth is so small. An unhealthy plant can be recovered with the help of fertilizers. Dracaena also hates chlorine and fluoride in water. Avoid using this element. It is better to add some potassium phosphate to nourish the plant.