My Unusual Dracaena

Unusual Dracaena Spikes

I want to tell you how I have grown Indivisa Dracaena (sometimes you can find it is called “Spikes”).
I saw this unusual dracaena on our local Sunday gardening market. I asked the salesperson if it was too tricky to cultivate. She reassured me that this dracaena was much less exigent than marginata, per example. You can bed it out in any soil (not bothering for fluoride level). It can stand some drought too, and is not too picky if it comes to the level of sun.

So I bought dracaena seeds, as I personally like when small green sprouts come out. Unlike other dracaenas I have, I did not need to cover it either with glass, plastic, or had to stalk it each and every day. I settled it in our winter terrace, where we usually keep the temperature of 65F, and kept the soil not too dry.

Today my dracaena is 5'' high and brings me anomalous pride!