Are Dracaena Leaves Covered with Yellow Spots?

Dracaena Leaves Yellow Spots

I have had Dracaena Colorama almost forever. Not to confuse you with the terms, which I’ve found in various books, I’ll explain what kind of dracaena it is in my own words. It has green leaves with, in my case, purple stripes. It’s probably one of the most adorable dracaena representatives.

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I have had this plant for many years, but recently something happened to its foliage. Dracaena leaves were covered with yellow spots. I started worrying about my dracaena. Is it dangerous if your dracaena has yellow spots on it?
I’ve been asking this question on different forums and was trying to find information in encyclopedias. And that’s what I found:
Excessive watering
Spider mites

The problem of my plant was caused by spider mites, so I simply sprayed my dracaena with insecticides and healed my plant. Before healing it with spray, check, maybe the root of the problem is excessive watering.