Dracaena draco diseases: Is this plant really prone to growing problems?

Dracaena draco diseases

Well, I wouldn’t be so sure. I have many different plants at home and should say that dracaena draco and medusa are the two species I’ve never had REALLY great problems with. The vital thing I'd like to point out is the fact these are the most beautiful houseplants. Their solidly green leaves always attract attention of those, who come to my place.

Draco is highly resistant to dracaena diseases and pests. Perhaps the only problem I faced was dracaena propagation. If you’re looking for advice, you are to know that dracaena plants are propagated by stem cutting. The root can develop either from the cut tip or the old truck. Here things depend on the variety of plants.

Repot the plant every other year, but beware the plant does not become top heavy for small containers. As to fertilizing… Well, here I mostly rely on the tips of professionals. The main rule is to feed the plants every 6 months with a controlled-release fertilizer. How do I know that my plants are well-fed? They develop a reddish tinge to leaves. Just do the same and you’ll have beautiful plants to decorate your home.