How My Dracaena Got Sick Last Summer

Dracaena Got Sick

This awful untidiness happened to my lovely dracaena variegatus in July. I couldn’t understand why it happened, because I had read a lot how to care for dracaena. I did everything necessary: watered when the ground was a bit dry, allowed it to get enough sun and the most important I treated dracaena like my little child.

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One morning I was shocked to see that my plant looked terrible. There were many insects on the shrub, the leaves were covered with dry spots. I understood at once I had a sick dracaena.

Fortunately, my mother helped me to overcome all bad emotions and said that I had to act quickly. I found a better place for the plant, so I took care of it properly, with higher vigilance.

Soon I saw good results of my concern. Now I try to follow all useful hints which I can find as I want to see my favourite dracaena healthy all year round.