Is It Bad that My Dracaena Too Tall Is?

Dracaena Too Tall

I have had my Acaulis for 2 years. She got about 4.5” by now, which is too much for my 5” ceiling. I heard that it is almost impossible to cut dracaenas at home and have new branches.

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I tried to collect some advice from the Internet, but it was difficult. I found out that the height could be as big as you like. But many people said dracaenas cannot be cut at home, and you need to hire a gardener to do that.
Some people said dracaena pests can harm it when cut.
My sister-in-law said she cut her Marginata and suggested doing it in a similar way. She said the hardest thing was to keep air and ground of the same humidity and temperature.

She used plastic bags. She wrapped the whole plant, including the pot, and took it off only approximately once a week to water. She said not to remove the bag even if the buds come up. Because she lost some new leaves that way.
I had 3 buds out of which 1 became a new branch. I hope my dracaena shall be puffy. If a dracaena is too tall, I’ll do it again.