Dracaena: How Much Fertilizer to Use?

Dracaena Fertilizer

‘It depends’ is the only answer I can give. Lots of things really depend on the plant's size and its kind. Of courses, at times it is really hard to figure out how much fertilizer to use, but, as for me, I keep to basic rules.

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I believe that only fertilizers are able to provide necessary nutrients for dracaena. This perennial requires proper fertilization once a month and its amount depends on the fertilizer's type and the pot's size. To know ‘how much’ I usually follow the instructions provided on the packing, because the rates there are sufficient for planting dracaena of any kind.

“Dracaena: how much fertilizer” is not the only problem. You are also to know ‘when’. It’s better to fertilize during spring and summer months. When we speak about red sister plant, you are to treat it carefully as well. Make sure you fertilize both outdoor and indoor containers.

I never use fertilizers during autumn and winter because of the resting stage the plants are about to enter. I recommend you do the same.